Diego and Julio Hallivis have released a fan made movie about one of the most iconic villans of comic books, the Joker. According to Cosmic Book News, “With such an iconic character, we felt a big duty to flesh out just how disturbed the Joker’s mind is” said Hallivis Brothers.

The movie was realeased the same week as DC´s “Suicide Squad” and some critics are calling this fan made movie better than the mainstream summer blockbuster. Our director, Diego Hallivis, was in charge of directing this gore and violent movie, depicting a justifying R rated short, while Julio was in chaarge of production and Alan Suarez as Executive Producer. Lastly, featuring Zach Avery as the Laughing Man.

The movie has gotten a little over 1,000,000 views on youtube in only one week and over 20 articles have featured the movie. Read some of the articles, right here:

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You can watch the complete piece, here: