The way we communicate has been continuously evolving. A long time ago history was passed down through stories shared around a communal fireplace.
In the early days of humankind, speaking face to face was the only way to get to know someone. Then came the written language and later the postal service.  It allowed people to communicate on a personal level and even leave a trace of their lives. As the years came to pass, we got a little lost. We have come to live in a place where we are defined by how many likes we get and how many followers we have. We actually live in a world where we feel in -emoticons-, we can´t change the font of our message and we have slowly become defined by our digital selves. You could even say we have become faceless.

Presented by Movistar and produced by Wabi Productions in Spain, this message, Directed by our director and Cannes Lion winner Andrew Lang, is a real and raw warning to all the young people out there: You have to know who you are talking to at all times.

Set in the beautiful city of Madrid, this spot in a very cinematic way was shot this past March headed by the creative team of Young and Rubicam Mexico. We are thrilled to share it with everyone. Please feel free to watch our full version and let us know what you think.

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