“Love Story” keeps going around the world

We love what we do, and there’s no doubt about it. Each project has its nuances, and comes accompanied by lots of learning. ‘Love Story’, the piece in which we worked with Y&R and Movistar last year, has been one of those projects capable of making a lot of noise; inside and outside our screens.

It took us to places where we came out with our hands full of pride, and where we had the privilege of surrounding ourselves by the greatest. Spectators, however, were taken to other places where they had to be confronted by a reality in which we already live, and to which it wasn’t easy to address without thinking in those to whom the message was strongly directed.

We are very excited about the latest news of ‘Love Story’ being once again positioned among the winners of two important festivals. This time, for (Best Viral Film) at The Webby Awards and for (Film Advertising) at D&AD Awards.

We hope to keep on taking care of such amazing projects, those with the strength of the ones who struggle and fight to be unstoppable.