“All alone in April” , a quarantine film by Ace Norton

Definitely the unfortunate situation of COVID-19 has forced many people to move away from their daily activities, however, in the midst of a global pandemic, art comes to give us some hope and happiness in moments of crisis.

This is how Ace Norton, one of our directors comes with a creative proposal that breaks with the barriers of confinement and presents his short “All alone in April”, a project filmed with his Smartphone and by the hand of his girlfriend Seyna, who managed it to get props through parcel devices, in a way to keep their minds busy during the global pandemic and what was happening around them.

I made this film entirely in quarantine with my girlfriend Seyna, whom I live with, using only the resources around us…”  Ace Norton. 

All alone in April” is without a doubt the proof that creativity has no limits.

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