Magaby García – New Director Joining The Wabi Family!


A Mexican Director with an important trajectory, who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences and Techniques from the University of the New World, as well as film and photography studies from The International Film & Television Workshops, Rockport, Maine and at the Click School Up, in Florence.

Directing commercials for more than 20 years, she has participated in pre-production, filming, editing and post-production processes in more than 500 commercials. From 2000 she began working as a director, obtaining excellent results for “García Bross y Asociados” having been a partner of the company for 9 years.

Her extensive experience include numerous awards and recognitions in the advertising industry, serving as a lecturer and jury of important/notable festivals.

Magaby likes directing actors and comedy, however she is extremely detailed in her narrative and her work is able to adapt to any category, making her an extremely versatile director.

She is currently a director at Wabi Productions and works as a director on the “BACKDOOR” Comedy Sketches for YouTube, Comedy Central Latin America and Amazon Prime.

If you want to see more of her work, go to our profile of Directors.